Case studies

We have experience developing web/mobile applications with varied functionalities and complexity. All IT products are implemented in accordance with our clients’ concepts. V1 case study - MVP product development based on data from analytics tools

From the beginning, we assumed that the first version of the MVP of the product would not be its last installment. The project has no equivalent on the market, a large part of the implemented functionalities was innovative and required verification in the production environment, generating traffic from real users.

Case study - MVP of advanced product creator for ecommerce

The project was made from scratch by our team in close cooperation with the client. The application solves the problems of configuring and completing the optimal sets for home plant cultivation, the so-called growbox.

Case study: GreenTransit - paperless road forwarding.

Application development is actually a never-ending process, especially in the case of innovative start-up products that are developed from the MVP version. Our team works mainly with such projects and we specialize in such projects. It was similar in the case of the order from SHM Sp. z o.o., which commissioned us to create the GreenTransit application.