Terraform is an open source platform that operates on an "infrastructure-as-code" model and enables extremely efficient and secure creation and customization of versions of IT infrastructure. It allows integration with technologies provided by Cloudflare, GitHub, GitLab and MongoDB, as well as cloud services offered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Oracle Cloud.


Terraform uses declarative programming and a high-level configuration language in a dedicated HashiCorp Configuration Language format, and allows the desired infrastructure to be created locally or in the cloud. While most infrastructure management software can only be used within a single cloud service provider, Terraform can be run regardless of the service provider, which is a huge advantage. What's more, compared to technologies that create a variable structure, this platform creates an immutable IT structure. Therefore, whenever the environment changes, it takes into account these changes and replaces them with new ones, so it eliminates the problem of creating and repairing errors when the infrastructure does not change, but only adapts to the changes. In this way, Terraform ensures maximum efficiency and quicker and easier delivery of new infrastructure. Therefore, it allows the introduction of experimental changes and their testing without necessarily devoting too many resources and time to this task. It also allows managing both low-level components (resources: compute, storage, network) and high-level components (DNS entries, SaaS functions)

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