JSON is an extremely popular format for exchanging data. JSON does not contain functions or variables, and is lightweight and easy to use. Storing and sending data in JSON is possible in text form and it can be edited with an ordinary editor. It is independent of any particular programming language and many of them, e.g. C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python or Ruby, use it with the help of necessary libraries. It was developed in 2001 by Douglas Crockford, who put it on his official website and began to popularize it. Its specification is available in RFC 8259, and an independent ECMA standard was granted in 2013.

JSON wymiana danych

JSON - the standard data format of websites

JSON can exist in the form of the object itself or as an array by storing several data types: object, table, string, numbers, boolean (false or true) and null. It gained its popularity due to its simplicity of use, which is why it has become the default data format. It can be used interchangeably with XML and CSV, and its MIME for email communication is application/json. It is closely related to the transfer of data between the server and the AJAX-based application, which is responsible for interaction with the user.


The JSON syntax is confusingly similar to Java Script syntax, but the former does not recognize a comma as the last value, it only allows double quotation marks, and field names must also be included in it. It is responsible for communication between REST API applications. Among other things, it has uses in the process of logging into services of various kinds. Using AJAX peaks, user IDs and passwords are sent to the server and then checked. If the data is correct, it is immediately sent back to the browser in JSON file format, providing information related to the account of a particular user. Also, it is with the help of JavaScript Object Notation files that the download of themes for popular CMSs such as Wordpress takes place. This format supports the storage of complex structures in SQL databases, and in sites of small size it can be used instead of such a database.

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