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Algolia provides support for efficient search engines in web apps. It is especially recommended where time and resources, are limited. It would seem that using a third-party search provider can be expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Algolia is perfect for creating MVP versions of applications, where uploaded data to Algolia is indexed right away. Indexing is done very quickly and efficiently.

algolia documentation

For our client, who uses a rather old REST API solution in their store, which had problems with search, and the store's software provider did not want to correct the bugs found in the API, it turned out to be a hit. The implementation time of the complete solution with integration in the backend was less than 7 working days. This included exposing the API to the frontend via a proxy imposing some top-down setting for Algolia, as well as integrating a cron job that regularly indexes all products in the store, and a dashboard to manually run the Job to re-index all products.


Algolia is very fast

Algolia uses the ElasticSearch engine underneath, which is one of the fastest search solutions on the market. After indexing ten thousand products and nearly a hundred parameters for filtering, we still got response times within 20ms. I don't know a solution on the market that can deliver such results so quickly. It takes at least a couple of months and the time of a dedicated team member on a permanent basis to build a dedicated search solution with this performance and configurability.


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Algolia has APIs in various software languages

In our projects we used a version of the libraries for the backend written in NodeJS, but Algolia also provides a client for the frontend for libraries such as ReactJS, where we immediately have the ability to use a dedicated side bar component with filters.

I recommend taking a look at the implementation example at the link:

and Algolia's documentation, which is very clear.

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