Many people, especially in the beginning of their careers, wonder what profession to choose in order to make it rewarding and well-paid. And there is nothing surprising about that either. Just a dozen years ago, no one would have thought of such professions as mobile app developer, drone operator or vlogger, which are related to new technologies. In view of the increasing digitization and rapid development of the IT industry, it is worth considering what profession of the future to choose in order to easily find yourself in the job market.


There is no doubt that the last 20 years of the 21st century have brought enormous technological advances. It is the IT industry that improves and increases the comfort of our lives on a daily basis and is present in every area of life - from human interaction, to working via the Internet, smart homes and self-driving cars, to advanced programs used in medicine and biotechnology. As a result, futurologists believe that over the next 10-20 years, many existing current professions will disappear and new ones will emerge in their place. These futuristic occupations will result from the automation and robotization of existing jobs, the main physical, repetitive and less knowledge-intensive jobs. Major changes will also include occupations involving the collection and processing of large amounts of data, as well as medicine, aesthetic medicine, biotechnology and waste management. Each emerging profession of the future will be strongly linked to human creativity and the creation of new, out-of-the-box things that will raise the standard of our lives, allow global brands to increase their incomes and have an impact on environmental cleanliness.  


Due to the very dynamic changes in the IT industry as of today, it is difficult to clearly determine which professions will disappear and which new ones will appear in their place. Nevertheless, we can certainly pick out a few future professions related to new technologies, which are the most attractive in the global labor markets today and which will certainly lead them for decades to come.



There is no doubt that programmer is the profession of the future the most preferred and among the best paid. The tremendous growth of the IT industry makes young people more and more eager to choose IT studies, but also many people previously working in other professions decide to re-brand themselves in this direction. This is facilitated by numerous classroom training courses, online courses or free tutorials on You Tube. However, also in the IT industry, new specializations of programmers are emerging every now and then, representing future professions, which include blockchain, Virtual Reality, machine learning, Big Data or AI related to artificial intelligence.



Next to programmer, this is another profession of the future that involves everything related to designing, building and managing websites. Nowadays, any company that wants to count in the market no matter what industry it is in must have a well-designed and fast-acting company website and/or company store. These sites must be responsive, highly functional, but also aesthetically pleasing, which will attract the attention of users with their unconventional design. The webmaster is also often skilled in positioning the site to ensure that it ranks as high as possible in search results, i.e. in the first Top10 pages.


Cyber security

The growing number of services that take place over the Internet, cloud services and entire businesses moving online make it of great importance now and in the future to protect data. A cybersecurity specialist is certainly the profession of the future in order to prevent hacker attacks, ensure the security of data and stability of IT systems that are the foundation of many global brands.


Data scientist

Future professions undoubtedly are and will be related to analyzing data and receiving from it information that is extremely useful for marketing, business and financial purposes. Data scientist, is a future profession that requires comprehensive knowledge of mathematics, economics, statistics, business and computer science. Such specialists are already hugely valued on the job market, and their salaries are among the highest. They operate on a huge amount of data flowing into various systems every minute. Therefore, they need to know the right tools and programs that help organize this data, look for relationships between them and draw valuable conclusions based on them.


Social media manager

Social media manager is the profession of the future related to social media, which has a huge impact on creating the image of many brands and, consequently, increasing their profits. Nowadays, every company needs to be present and as visible as possible on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, because it is through them that they can properly promote their products and services. Such forward-thinking jobs are looking for people who are well oriented in social media, are familiar with marketing tools and techniques, and are aware of the trends, expectations and culture of users of these media, which information they actively and effectively use for the marketing purposes of a particular company.


Project manager

With the development of companies, not only in the IT industry, an extremely desired profession today is project manager. This type of specialist deals with the management of projects, which he creates from scratch, distributes tasks among employees, supervises the progress of individual works and contacts the client and the company's management. This is undoubtedly the profession of the future, as it requires great resistance to stress, determination, responsibility, creativity, the ability to handle difficult situations, creative problem solving and excellent communication skills.



Future professions are also about what is related to biology, which affects us all. Biotechnologists are specialists who, using the latest technology, work on the products necessary to improve our health and methods to keep us alive for as long as possible. They use elements of biology, chemistry and medicine along with new technologies in their work, which allows them to produce medicines and food, carry out medical diagnostics, produce biofuels and interfere with the genetic code, which in the future may prove crucial to the development of all mankind.

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