SMS API is a modern platform that allows sending short text messages on a large scale. This serves the communication of a given company with the customer, thanks to the integration of the company's IT system with the application software interface (API). The mass sending of SMS or MMS is increasingly being used as an effective marketing tool, as it not only helps to gain new customers, but also to sustain interest in the brand for a longer period of time. These short messages sent to phone numbers collected in the customer database are extremely effective in promotional campaigns, as - according to data - they are almost 100% read.


SMS API as a tool for modern marketing

SMS API is constantly growing in popularity in the sales industry, education, logistics, public administration, as well as in the IT industry, as a result of customer expectations and the ever-increasing demand for technologically advanced services to increase convenience and strengthen customer relations. These messages can include, for example, a reminder to make a payment or an upcoming visit, information on promotions and discounts, or pertain to information on the status of an order. The platform itself has a simple and intuitive administration panel, which allows you to plan an SMS campaign and thereby achieve your business goals. All you need to do is register and configure an account, so you don't have to involve the entire customer service office. Message dispatches can be set to a specific date and time, personalized, geotargeted and include links. In favor of this type of solution is also the fact that it is possible to save a significant amount of time and human resources. SMS API works 24 hours a day all year round, and all connections are encrypted and guarantee full security.

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