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Pandas is a library written for the Python programming language. It mainly offers data structures and operations for manipulating numeric tables and time ranks.


Pandas - Everything you need to know

As I mentioned in the introduction, Pandas is a library for the Python programming language. Created by developer Wes McKinney, Pandas was first released in January 2008. It is most often used for data learning tasks, or data analysis and machine learning. It is one of the most popular data management tools. Pandas works well with many other Python data science libraries. Pandas makes it easy for us to perform many time-consuming and repetitive data-related tasks. With Pandas, we are easily able to perform operations such as data cleaning, data normalization, data visualization, static analysis, loading and saving data and much more. According to many developers, as of today it is the best tool available for data analysis and manipulation.


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Installing Pandas

For installation we will need Cython, which is a superset of the Python language that additionally supports calling C functions and declaring C types on variables and class attributes. We can install Cython from the PyPi repository.

pip install cython


Then to install Pandas we execute the command:

python install


Or to install in developer mode:

python -m pip install -e . --no-build-isolation --no-use-pep517

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