Postman offers a comprehensive set of tools for design, testing and documentation. Using Postman, you will improve your API work with advanced search or notification functions. This free app allows you to perform queries and capture their history.


Postman installation

In addition to the standard OS application installation, users of the Chrome browser can enjoy Postman by downloading the extension. Then it's just a matter of creating an account and logging in. Done!


Pastman - basic functionalities

One of the basic functions is to add collections, whose function will be to store evoked queries and view the history of recently executed requests. By storing a request in a collection we get the possibility to quickly call it in the future. After saving a new request in the collection, specifying its type from the list, the queried address, the security type implemented in the API, headers and query parameters, we will get the status of the request. The response, in addition to the status, will contain the time of its execution, the size of the response, body, cookies and headers.



A hugely useful feature is also the ability to create environment profiles. This option helps in testing the application locally and quickly changing the environment to test or production. Postman avoids the need to repeatedly add the same query or continuously edit existing queries. This happens by substituting environment variables instead of specific values where the data will depend on the environment.

These are just a few of the many useful options available in postman. All the functionalities, along with an example of use, can be found in its official documentation.

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