DynamoDB is a hosted NoSQL database service offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It was created in response to the need to process increasingly complex data faster and more efficiently. It allows you to manage database streams and the key services associated with them in the cloud. It provides the ability to automatically scale distributed databases, cache data, perform on-demand backups and predict data throughput performance, which has earned it a reputation and recognition in the development community.


DynamoDB - scalability and performance in database management

The DynamoDB service first and foremost relieves developers of the trouble of scaling databases, which is not only a demanding task, but also very risky. The service offered by Amazon provides the ability to scale automatically by tracking data limits and independently expands the ranges of data that can be stored and retrieved within a distributed database. It also provides very high throughput, minimizing any delays. Another benefit of this service is its very high flexibility. DynamoDB allows you to create dynamic tables, where a single table can have an unlimited number of attributes. In addition, the streams of the service allow you to receive and analyze data before and after making changes to it. This is because the streams provide a chronologically ordered history of changes that have been made to them within the last 24 hours. The DynamoDB service is also a very secure solution - all data is stored and replicated in at least three data centers, so you can always access it in case of any failure. This modern solution not only relieves developers of the responsibilities of handling data scaling or partitioning and re-partitioning, but also provides the company with hardware, configuration and automatic software updates. In addition, it allows the company to manage its finances efficiently, since by purchasing DynamoDB, it pays for those resources it actually uses.

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