Django REST is a specialized open source Python framework for building advanced Web APIs. It has a number of functional tools with a modular design, which provide high flexibility and freedom to customize the application architecture. As a result, developers can build both simple-to-use APIs and complex REST (Representational State Transfer) systems that enable communication between an API and an application or website. The software is relatively easy to use, and its main idea is to split the transfer representation model (e.g.: Jason, XML) and quick views built on classes, which can be easily customized and their functionalities extended. The only requirements of Django REST are the use of Python 3.5 + and Django 2.2 + dependencies.

Django REST, tworzenie interfejsu

Django REST - performance, simplicity and flexibility

APIs allow you to handle database queries and format responses accordingly, which are returned in a static file most often in the form of JSON files. They are very common in the development of modern applications and websites, so the necessary knowledge of how APIs communicate with each other, as well as within each other, is required. Sometimes APIs also allow other applications to make changes to the data.

Django REST has gained great popularity due to its performance. Compared to other Python frameworks, it does not impose tight, rigid rules about writing code. It is also eagerly used because of its fast and simple hosting configuration. It allows publishing metadata tagged with sets of questions, includes permission classes and manages API restrictions - RESTrictive restriction for unauthenticated requests and REST restriction for authenticated requests. The framework has a powerful serialization engine that supports ORM and non-ORM data sources. With just a few lines of code, you can build simple and advanced data representations in many available formats.

It is Django REST that is used by Mozilla, Eventbrite, Red Hat and Heroku. The framework provides great technical support, with thorough documentation and a large online community ready to help solve problems.

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