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HTML is a markup language used to create web pages. The HTML 5 version is a development of the previous HTML 4 version, the new version was written with backward compatibility and adds semantics to the language.


What is semantics in the fifth version of HTML?

Semantic elements clearly describe their meaning to the browser and also to the programmer. Google developers recommend the use of HTML semantics, due to the fact that with them Google's algorithm is able to better position our site in search engine results. Using semantics is also helpful for programmers, as the code is simply more readable and we are able to determine at a glance where the page header is and where the footer is.

HTML5 semantic

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Other new features of HTML 5

Besides semantics, HTML 5 also introduces several other simplifications, or elements. What has been improved for sure on the plus side in the new version is the declaration.


This is what the declaration looks like in HTML 4.01:



This is what the declaration looks like in the HTML 5 version:

<!DOCTYPE html>


Another new feature is the introduction of new elements such as:

  • <canvas> - Used to render dynamic bitmap graphics on the fly, such as charts.
  • <video> - Used to define video files.
  • <embed> - Defines external interactive content or plug-in.
  • <figure> - Defines independent content such as illustrations, diagrams, photos, code lists, etc.
  • <audio> - Used to define audio files.

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