Material UI is a library of components used to build applications whose front-end is based on React.js. By using Material UI, developers can develop a project in a faster and more structured way. MUI also has extensive and clear documentation, which greatly improves the user experience of the library and, in part, may determine its immense popularity. Material UI components are used by global technology giants and most Internet users use applications built on them on a daily basis.

Material UI - komponenty, przyciski.

Material UI - how does it work?

Material UI components are isolated in the design and don't affect the operation of global sheets like normalize.css. This provides great flexibility and versatility in creating the front-end layer. Installation of the library is trivial and can be done in several ways - familiar to any programmer.

Material UI -instalacja

It is not only the extensive documentation that encourages people to use MUI. An additional factor is the community of several thousand developers supporting the project and a similar number of stars on GitHub. It is also impossible not to mention that Material UI is used and developed by the Google team, which influences the perception of the created design amongst users familiar with the products of the creators of the world's most popular browser.


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Material UI or Bootstrap?

As in most IT issues, opinions on the superiority of Material UI over Bootstrap are divided. Certainly, Google's technology gives much more freedom for designers, and views created in MUI give the impression of being "light" and modern. According to many opinions, development with Bootstrap is faster than Material UI. Both solutions have a large amount of publicly available materials on their use.

Material UI czy Bootstrap.png

Reviewing various sources, most predict that the future belongs to Material UI and it is this library that will dominate the look of currently developed apps. There is certainly a good chance for this, and every React developer should know and be able to implement MUI components in the project.

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