Ghost CMS is the most popular headless system based on Node.js capabilities. It is a solution that provides remarkable loading speed in contrast to traditional PHP-based CMSs such as Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. It represents a very well thought-out technology that contains many interesting functionalities. Although it was intended to be similar to Wordpress and offer solutions for the rapid creation of blog sites, today it is well suited for building efficient dynamic sites.

Ghost CMS

Ghost CMS - speed and responsiveness

Ghost CMS functions as open source software that allows for quick configuration with many external platforms. It is built on mysql/sqlite databases and template handlebars and uses the Ember framework. It easily allows you to create projects equipped with customized functionality. Its main advantage is the remarkable speed of loading sites and the excellent responsiveness of these projects. What's more, it is very strongly supported for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages ) technology. In practice, this means an increase in the speed of downloading, as well as the adaptation of the entire content of the site to display properly on mobile devices. Ghost CMS is an ideal solution for projects where the main focus is on simplicity, speed and adaptation of responsive content under Google search. Additionally, it provides high scalability and a high level of security. Therefore, this technology is used by NASA and Apple, as well as the alternative search engine Duck Duck Go, and the number of its installations in 6 years has exceeded 2 million users.

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