Yii ("Yes, it is!") is a popular framework for building PHP language applications. It is an open source software, which gives a lot of possibilities to developers working on highly complex projects. Its undoubted advantage is the principle of maximum reusability, i.e. the ability to repeat the same code as many times as possible, which significantly affects the speed and performance of a website. It is a library using object-oriented programming, and needs PHP version 5.1.0 minimum to run.


Yii - minimalism and high performance for high-traffic applications

Yii has a wide range of applications on the market, and due to its built-in caching systems that are perfect for high traffic, it is most often used for building CMS and data management systems, online forums and e-commerce platforms. The framework also uses MCV (Model-View-Controller) architecture, separating layers of business model, views and a unique controller responsible for making changes in response to user requests, which allows building intelligent applications. It makes use of a number of functional packages that quickly generate the necessary code using functions.

Programowanie sklepu internetowego, Yii

Yii has a built-in error handling and logging system that allows you to categorize and filter data. A very good knowledge of PHP is required to master it, and some AJAX functions must be supported by JavaScript. To create even more efficient and effective applications, the library separates the user from the relational database. It is also designed with a number of tools to protect applications from hackers' attacks, preventing, for example, the manipulation of cookies. It also allows combining different structures in an application and code from Zend or PEAR can be transplanted into it. Yii owes its popularity to its high performance, wealth of ready-made structures and themes, extensive and clear technical documentation and numerous tutorials, which makes the PHP framework the one that more and more developers from all over the world are reaching for.

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