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Zend is a PHP language framework available as free software, developed since 2005 by Zend Technologies with the cooperation of developers from around the world. It includes professional PHP packages that enable the development of web applications using object-oriented code. It uses the MCV (Model-View-Controller) architecture pattern, which separates the design logic, the graphical interface presented in the form of views, and the functions of the controller, which makes changes to the design in response to user requests. It also includes ready-made mechanisms and components that can be worked on much faster and more efficiently than if you wrote the code yourself.

Zend framework

Zend - freedom and flexibility

Zend is characterized by great flexibility and freedom given to developers. It allows you to use ready-made packages that automate your work, as well as to create and incorporate your own innovative functionalities into the project. A huge advantage of this framework is the ability to use these components in other projects as well. The library is designed for professional programmers, as it requires very good programming skills and knowledge of how it works, and is characterized by a higher level of complexity than other PHP libraries. Although the use of easily scalable modules gives a lot of freedom in working with Zend, the framework forces the use of strict programming principles and techniques to build high-quality applications. It requires knowledge of design patterns and excellent object handling skills. However, it includes a number of suggestions in the default configuration, but these can be overridden as needed. The library has been praised for its performance needed especially in complex applications.

Zend has a built-in, intuitive drop and down editor and specialized database tools, and allows quick debugging of code. In addition, it provides web services support and allows for easy integration with APIs. The framework provides extensive documentation in English and is constantly being developed by developers who are also responsible for PHP development itself, which is why there is an ever-increasing interest in this library. Many companies are increasingly recruiting specialized Zend developers to their teams.

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