At Boring Owl, we specialize in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. In the era of digital mobility, we provide solutions that are not only technologically advanced, but also tailored to the specific needs for your business.

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Latest solutions

Working with us, your company will benefit from our team's experience in developing applications based on dedicated native technologies for Android and iOS, which guarantees optimal performance and access to the full spectrum of device features. However, we also understand the importance of speed and cost-effectiveness, which is why we often use advanced cross-platform technologies such as React Native or Flutter, which allow us to deliver quality apps for both platforms simultaneously.

When designing the backend, we use cutting-edge solutions such as Node.js to ensure the scalability and performance of your solutions. By using cloud-based solutions such as AWS and GCP, we ensure reliability, speed and flexibility in support of your mobile application.

We also can't forget about a key aspect of any application: security. We implement advanced encryption, authentication and monitoring mechanisms to protect your company's data and interests.

Regardless of the scale - whether it's an innovative startup or a complex, corporate product - we have the knowledge and experience to handle projects at every stage of their lifecycle, from concept to development to maintenance and optimization of production-operating applications.

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The process of developing apps, stores and sites at Boring Owl begins with workshops and ideation, where we work with the client to understand their vision. We then move on to the research stage to tailor the design to market and user needs. After gathering the necessary data, we create initial mockups that evolve into detailed, interactive interface designs. Once the design is ready, our development team transforms the vision into a working application. After implementation, we offer support, taking care of fixing the bugs that sometimes appear, updates and further development of the application.

At every stage of the process, we make sure to work closely with the client, ensuring that the final product meets all expectations and brings the expected business benefits.

UX UI Design

Our services go beyond traditional programming. We specialize in creating concepts for mobile application operation, from initial ideas to finished products and MVPs. We have designed mobile application interfaces for our clients, adapting to individual needs and market specifics. We are up to date with the latest trends and technologies in UX and UI for mobile applications. From the first contact, we act as your technology partner, actively involved in the development of the project to deliver high value-added solutions in key aspects.