Mobile is an industry that develops and improves software for use on mobile devices: smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS.  Not only are there popular apps available on every phone and games, but there are also solutions that can support and improve many business processes in any company.


Mobile - the most rapidly growing IT sector

The mobile sector grew strongest in 2020 and 2021, when, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries beyond e-commerce, finance, shopping, social networking and entertainment had to react quickly to the new reality and develop new solutions to meet users' expectations and needs during the lockdown. This market continues to grow rapidly today, with all applications focusing on providing the most vivid User Experience, high performance, individualization, future expandability and very fast data transfer. The mobile industry brings together specialists from many fields, including: developers, graphic designers, managers, marketers or e-commerce specialists, and mobile applications are increasingly used not only by large, global brands to promote their offerings, but also by smaller companies that want to provide their products and services online. What's more, mobile applications are an excellent way to interact with a target group of users, which not only increases sales, but also creates long-term customer relationships with the brand. The growth of the mobile industry can be perfectly seen in the banking sector and in modern companies, which are using mobile applications to streamline the work of their employees, manage their performance, obtain and analyze large data sets from anywhere in the world using mobile devices (Businnes Intelligence).

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