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Saleor is an open source e-commerce platform that allows you to create small and large online stores equipped with all the features that a modern user and owner-friendly sales platform should have. It was developed on the basis of the Django framework written in Python, but allows integration with other programming languages as well. Its main feature is modularity, which means that each of its elements works independently from the others.

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Saleor - a "headless" e-commerce platform for a fast, fun and personalized shopping experience

Saleor is a modern headless sales platform, which means that it allows you to freely change and expand the store according to your needs, since the front-end and back-end layers work independently of each other. This, in turn, allows you to easily create content for different platforms and publish them instantly. The platform is lightweight and accessible and allows integration with tools such as CRM, CMS and APIs. Not only does it provide a good user experience, but stores based on this software automatically rank higher on Google. This is because the front-end layer is static, making the site or app fast, lightweight and easy for bots to scan. Saleor also offers full responsive design displayed on devices of different resolutions. What's more, thanks to its static nature, it has no direct connection to the database, making any sensitive customer data much more secure than stores based on dynamic designs. This multilingual and multi-currency e-commerce platform allows you to effectively manage several stores from one easy-to-use and accessible dashboard. Sealor automatically provides many modern functionalities right after launch, including: integration with payment services, support for several warehouses and different sales channels, management of store roles, flexible types and unlimited product attributes, and much more.

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