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Struts is an open source framework for building Java EE web applications. Developed in 2000, it was made available by Craig McClanahan and later donated to the Apache Foundation. Its purpose is to facilitate the process of control and presentation of data using the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, which divides each project into three interconnected layers: business logic, views in the form of graphical presentation of content, and a controller that reacts to changes made by the user.

Programista, Struts

Struts - reliable control and clear data presentation

Struts helps to automatically map page addresses by creating the configuration of a newly added class to XML files each time, so developers can get on with writing and developing code. It facilitates the creation of dynamic, scalable and flexible applications using Java Servlet Pages, Java Beans and XML technologies. Its structure also allows fast handling of requests via HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The framework, through APIs, provides powerful features to improve integration with various external systems. It also allows the use of self-defined requirements for data input in forms, which speeds up their validation.

Struts also makes additional use of the Tiles library, which provides fast building of independent application components and multiple replication of code to which specific changes have been made. This, in turn, makes it possible to separate the content from the way it is presented, so that the visual side of the application can be independent. However, the library requires learning a lot of technology and functionality, so learning how to use it is not easy for less experienced programmers. Also, an application built with this framework may load slightly slower than with other frameworks, because there are actions in the background of the application that are out of the programmer's control, which are a result of the construction of the library itself. These flaws are so marginal that Struts is easily gaining popularity. Moreover, it has extensive technical documentation and an online community ready to support it in numerous forums.

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