Testing, is an extremely important part of producing quality software. Its main purpose is to verify the product to see if it is built according to specifications, and to validate the software to ensure that it meets user requirements and expectations. Testing helps avoid errors in the functionality of the product, as well as build trust between the software development company and its customers, and between users and the product.


Testing - an essential phase of quality software development

Testing is a process that can be started at any phase of software development, but the sooner testing is carried out, the better, because finding software errors and inconsistencies at a later stage of software development can be very time-consuming and extremely expensive to fix. According to the popular Agile project management methodology, testing is performed at multiple levels always after the completion of each iteration. Several types of software testing can be recognized, among others: unit, integration, functional, system or acceptance testing. Testing is often mistakenly equated with debugging - the execution of tests serves primarily to reveal software failures and defects, while debugging, on the other hand, involves analyzing these errors and fixing them. Without the testing phase, even the most promising product can be quickly withdrawn from the market and end in business failure due to frequent failures or unsatisfied demands of users.

Testing, grafika

Testing is extremely important and has many key benefits including:

  • identifies defects and flaws in software as early as the initial and each subsequent phase of its development;
  • allows IT companies to create a high-quality product that inspires confidence in both business customers and users;
  • significantly reduces the costs associated with fixing software defects after its production and reduces the risk of withdrawing from the cooperation of business partners;
  • minimizes the costs associated with repairing and maintaining the software in the future;
  • ensures high software performance and accurate and reliable business results.

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