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Gatsby.js is a modern framework that allows you to build fast websites and web applications. It works on the basis of React and GraphQL. Its primary task, and at the same time a huge advantage, is to optimize the source code of the page. It is extremely useful for compiling code in such a way that it runs smoothly and automatically, and it is great for working on further development of a project built on its basis. The framework is often called a static page generator, because it allows you to create static HTML, CSS and JS files, which are returned by the server with a simple request without executing scripts and database queries when the page is loaded.

Pisanie kodu, Gatsby.js

Gatsby.js - speed and optimization

The undoubted advantage of Gatsby.js is its simplicity of use if you have prior knowledge of React. This framework has an extensive library of plugins that positively affect page optimization and loading speed. It also allows you to retrieve data from several different sources, which means that when using, for example, different CMS or e-commerce platforms, you can encapsulate them in a single, consistent front-end based on this very technology. This therefore gives you a huge opportunity for content management. Building static files also means greater security for a site or application based on Gatsby.js. What's more, a design created this way allows for full indexation by search engine robots, which receive HTML files when indexing, rather than a blank page as in the case of React, which content is completed after Java Script is activated.

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