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DevOps (development and operations) is a set of principles at the interface of software development, as well as the processes around that. The Devops Engineer deals with the creation and preparation of the infrastructure on which the software would run. Many IT companies are placing more and more emphasis on a proper DevOps culture, which in practice means an increasing growth in the quality of CI/CD and an increase in the popularity of IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) solutions.

DevOps work pattern

The main premise of DevOps is the close cooperation of the development and operations departments and communication between them. Thanks to this specific work culture, it is possible to achieve the desired goals quickly, and therefore release a finished, working product of the highest quality to the market very quickly.


With the growing popularity of the methodology, the profession of DevOps engineer has also emerged, focused on issues related to the work of both departments, development and operations. He has the skills to accelerate and improve the quality of the relationship between these teams, as well as to introduce a number of automations that help to create a high-quality product faster. Among the tools he uses most often are: GIT, Jenkins, JIRA, Selenium, Kubernetes, Puppet and many others. His main tasks include extensive automation, which allows developers to quickly and correctly create and manage high-quality code or enable the configuration of servers, tools and the entire working environment of both teams. The DevOps engineer is also responsible for optimizing tools and software and hardware solutions, as well as constantly analyzing the performance of machines and people in an effort to increase productivity.


DevOps and IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code).

With the development of the Devops culture, a number of tools for creating infrastructure using code have emerged. The most popular is Terraform, followed closely by solutions such as the AWS SDK specific to creating solutions in the AWS cloud.
This is an interesting solution in that creating servers, changing VPC network settings, which were previously done manually are now handled by external software that converts the code to queries to cloud providers. As a result, it takes minutes to open or close a similar project, and many hours for engineers. We can encapsulate repetitive activities into modules that only accept individual parameters and change settings.

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