Oracle is a relational database management system based on the standard SQL query language. The program runs on a paid license and allows you to quickly and conveniently store and manage large amounts of data. All data is grouped on the basis of relationships between them, and then represented by tables. Also, the system takes advantage of the distributed resources of the computer, making it efficient, functional and scalable to work with, as well as ensuring indivisibility, consistency, isolation and sustainability of data.

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The main advantage of Oracle for businesses is its flexibility, which allows you to significantly reduce operating costs. The system allows you to consolidate several databases, build new models and add more functionalities to them, making the operation of a single database much easier and transparent. This, in turn, reduces the consumption of CPU and memory resources compared to working with several distributed small databases. What's more, Oracle allows you to work in a hybrid cloud, which significantly reduces the administrative costs associated with the IT department, as well as provides better data flow, allows you to customize the server according to your company's individual preferences and expectations, and is perfectly responsive to any workloads. This database management system provides a high degree of data security, with easy and fast backup and recovery. Both online and offline backups make it possible to restore databases saved on a specific day and at a specific time. And with Oracle's flashback technology, it enables quick recovery of lost data or accidentally deleted data. As a result, the program eliminates human error and simplifies and streamlines all database administration processes.

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