What services and products do you offer?

We offer software development for external companies, IT solutions consulting and the outsourcing of both developers and entire project teams. Our expertise is in custom-built applications, websites, search engines, web pages, and integration with external systems. Our services are comprehensive - starting from the concept, through the creation, implementation, testing, and development of the projects. When we outsource our specialists, we rely on internal resources or we cooperate with our associates to lease their employees. Those we recommend are high-level specialists with experience in a variety of aspects of software development.

Who is your offer addressed to?

We work with organizations of all sizes: corporations, enterprises, start-ups, non-profit organizations and individuals. We address our offer to all clients who are looking for outsourcing of IT specialists and high quality IT services in the field of web and mobile application development.

How can I order Boring Owl services?

Send an email to: or call us at +48 509 280 539. Your request will be forwarded directly to the project manager who will handle your order. You can also reach us via LinkedIn or Facebook. We stay on top of all communication channels.

What technologies do you use?

We always select the most appropriate technology stack for each project. JavaScript and Python are our primary programming languages. We use ready-made content management systems such as Headless CMS and modern frameworks like React.js and Django. We create visual mockups of projects using Figma. AWS cloud solutions are our specialty and we are certified in this area.

How much experience do you have with IT projects?

Our team has completed and implemented dozens of software projects. In addition to programming and IT project management, we have expertise in machine learning, SEO and SEM, web analytics, and computer graphics. Our skills and experience go beyond coding. In order to fulfill our clients' requirements, we are able to provide a comprehensive web/mobile application development service - from the conception to the implementation and development of the final product.

Your projects come with a guarantee, right?

You're right. As for products covered by a guarantee, its length and detailed conditions are separate clauses of the contract. Additionally, we can handle administration, maintenance, and development of the created product after implementation.


How long does the project take?

The implementation time depends on the type of order, the technology chosen, and the amount of work that needs to be done. We always try to establish a realistic time frame for completing the project. Most MVP (Minimum Viable Product) versions are implemented within 2-4 months of signing the contract. Also, we develop projects through long-term collaboration plans that have no end date.

Do you use any tools to communicate with your clients?

Trello is our primary project management and client communication tool. For more complex projects, we recommend YouTrack. As part of our everyday teamwork and communication, we also use Slack messenger and GSuite services. We also have experience with other popular project management tools, so we try to be flexible with software whenever possible.

How does a project get approved?

Our detailed specification and protocol will serve as the basis for project approval – you’ll receive them from us before signing the contract. Functionalities beyond the scope of the specification are included in separate documents and annexes to the original contract. The project manager will present the whole documentation to you in an organized manner, as well as clarify any possible ambiguities.

In the software development process, which tools do you use?

Most mockups and prototypes are shared via password-protected links to Figma, Google Drive, or GitHub code repositories. We use a variety of tools that are constantly appearing in the fast-growing IT market.

When can you start?

The project usually starts 7-21 days after signing the contract, depending on current occupancy. We never want to run into a contract without clearly defining terms and conditions. As a rule, we prefer projects in which a start is planned in advance, and each party is able to prepare for it.


What budget must I have in order to begin working with you?

Most projects begin with MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) that are ready for production but that require financial outlays and further development based on user experience. Costs of creating the MVP version range from 50 - 150 thousand PLN. If you have a smaller budget, feel free to contact us. Our team will assess what we can do within your budget.

How do you price your projects?

Projects are priced in accordance with internal procedures. We estimate costs based on many factors, including the technology of the project, its functionality & complexity, visual components, content management, etc. Once we present the offer, we can discuss the specifics of each estimate.

How do you bill for projects?

Billing is done in two models:

a) Fixed Price - It includes the exact price and implementation time for the MVP version. The implementation is divided into stages, followed by the approval and settlement of functionalities and views written in the specification. For projects where the order specification is already prepared or the project does not possess non-standard functionalities, this settlement method works best. If you do not have a specification, we might offer to prepare it for a fee before providing a precise quote or we might use an agile methodology with Time & Material billing.

b) Time&Material - It includes an estimation of the time it will take to implement the finished product, as well as a framework plan for it. Settlements are based on hourly rates, and the specification is created along with product development and testing of new components. You only need to present the key application functionality and business goals at the beginning of cooperation. From there, we can begin developing the product. In this model, the project can be started almost immediately, and the client only pays for the actual hours worked. When working on the principle of Fixed Price, the pricing will always take into account the risk of errors.

What are your hourly rates and how do you calculate programmers' work time?

The Time&Material model of billing (hourly rates) is based on the number of hours worked in the order per month. When outsourcing individual programmers, we prefer to lease them on a full-time basis (1 FTE) or by a predetermined number of hours per month. Working time is reported internally or according to the scheme used by the ordering party. Our rates are in the range of 30-60 euros per hour.