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Keystone 5 is a headless CMS that lets you create static sites in Gatsby or Next.js technologies and mobile apps in JavaScript frameworks: React, Angular and Vue. This open source platform features great flexibility based on the GraphQ API architecture, and provides many features that make the work of front-end developers easier.

headless CMS  Keystone5

Keystone 5 - creativity and flexibility at the highest level

Keystone 5 is an easily and quickly configurable platform that provides access to a flexible API and a very powerful GraphQ API. It works perfectly with any front-end framework, has many useful features, provides access control and an authentication system, and thanks to its flexible tools and building blocks, you can freely configure and create your own working environment. As a result, Keystone 5 provides great opportunities for customization and design in a creative, modern and completely customized way for developers and applications. The flexibility of this headless CMS also manifests itself in the way it stores data. It offers special adapters for different types of databases including PostgreSQL and MongoDB, and provides full freedom to view the history of any data, API or application. Keystone 5 is still under development, and its developers have taken care to prepare tutorials so that both beginners and advanced users can quickly set it up and start working on a project. Another advantage is that it is an open source CMS, with the code available on the GitHub platform.

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