Slack is an extremely powerful and simple teamwork tool in the form of a set of useful text and voice communication tools along with the ability to send multimedia files. It was originally developed for communication in corporations but now, as a free messenger, it is readily used by even the smallest teams. Its additional advantage is that it has a desktop version on Linux, macOS and Windows operating systems, as well as a mobile version, which are fully synchronized with each other. This means that any changes on one device will take place on the other.

Komunikacja w zespole, Slack

Slack - a convenient tool for group communication on many levels

Slack main advantage is the ability to have all conversation threads in one place and to move through them extremely quickly.The free version allows archiving of as many as 10,000 messages, which saves a lot of time and energy searching through information. It has an intuitive interface and offers all the tools characteristic of instant messaging, such as setting avatars, changing status or using emoticons, and also allows the transfer of large-volume files.
Slack allows integration with Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, Asana or Trello, which greatly speeds up work and allows you to upload documents directly from these applications. Its very interesting feature is the division into channels, or threads, to which multiple people can be assigned. Some of the channels are private, meaning that they are made available only to selected people, while others are public. This is functional, as it not only organizes messages, but also allows you to limit the messages you receive that don't pertain to the user in question, but only litter your inbox. A very useful feature of Slack is the ability to search for channel names, documents or message fragments using a search engine after typing in keywords. Also, all documents and messages can be sorted in it using very precise filters.

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