AWS Amplify is a set of tools that provides a quick and easy way to put web applications in the cloud. It relieves developers of a lot of repetitive work involved in configuring services in a serverless architecture from the command line, and does not require knowledge of how to operate the entire cloud. It is a very useful tool when developing an application where users have the ability to register and log in to their accounts. It greatly simplifies the authorization of accesses and their control without the need to regularly refresh the tokens responsible for these tasks - in this case, everything is handled by the development platform. The service also allows tracking the number of logged-in users and their behavior while using the application in real time.

React Amplify

AWS Amplify is a platform that is revolutionizing development work, as it allows access to multiple AWS services and greatly extends their functionality. It allows you to control version control activities, code testing and deployment of the entire application. The library scales the entire project as needed, and with support of millions of requests, it enables "live" development. It is ready for use on both Android and iOS, and supports web applications built on Angular, React, React Natie, Vue and Java Script. In addition, it provides a smooth workflow between the front-end and back-end.  


Is AWS Amplify a revolution?

It's worth mentioning that AWS Amplify makes it possible to search and save data, even when the device with the application doesn't have access to the Internet. This means fast and automatic synchronization of back-end data stores with local data, while resolving conflicts that arise. All this means that the application shows high availability on multiple devices regardless of network access issues.

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