Bash is a scripting programming language most commonly used on Linux type servers. It is originated from another language sh (Bourne Shell) and scripts written in sh should be almost fully compatible in Bash. Bash is a super collection of commands for sh. It runs in a text window and allows you to run and execute various tasks using commands. The most popular commands involve tasks on folders, files, user and file permissions, but also installing other software or creating large automations.

Foldery, Bash

Bash has recently become very popular as a scripting language for Devops. Devops can develop by writing in bash all the automation for the infrastructure, make sure that the software is installed by the right user and has the latest updates. The sequence of commands that are executed is often very important, and Bash allows you to create scripts that always perform a given action in the same order. More advanced scripts will additionally write appropriate messages to the text console, or ask for additional data from the user in order to work properly.


Advantages of Bash

  • The Bash programming language allows you to create large-scale automations and relieve the user of repetitive tasks. It is the preferred way to execute commands from running them through a GUI.
  • It works very well wherever automation is involved, such as in releasing web applications to a server in a repetitive manner
  • It has a simple syntax, plus it allows you to create so-called pipelines. This means, in practice, a series of commands, where each subsequent one receives data from the previous one as input.
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