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IT administrator is a specialist who deals with the complex operation and management of the IT network, as well as professional diagnostics of computer hardware and software. The person in this position monitors and takes care of the security of systems, and also deals with the protection of electronic data. They should have a broad knowledge of IT and be interested in and constantly keeping up with technical innovations, so that the company can operate efficiently and smoothly and move forward.


IT administrator - IT network security for the smooth operation of a modern company

IT administrator is a very responsible position in any company regardless of its size. Managers, executives and other IT staff often do not have the knowledge or qualifications to administrate IT facilities, so it is the administrator who is responsible for monitoring and security of the IT network, as well as solving any problems and repairing technical failures. He plays a key role in a modern company, which is why he can easily find employment in industries related to IT, administration, engineering and new technologies, telecommunications and practically anywhere that uses IT network and hardware.

IT service

The IT administrator is primarily responsible for:

  • installing software and configuring IT hardware, as well as monitoring, supervising and regularly reviewing them;
  • seeking the best technological solutions that are optimal for the company's operations and budget;
  • Identifying and resolving problems with servers or hardware;
  • making system backups;
  • integrating, migrating and securing data;
  • creating technical documentation and reports;
  • participating in industry conferences;
  • updating software.


The IT administrator helps minimize the company's costs related to IT facilities or the need to use employees and external companies (outsourcing). It helps increase the security of the company's systems, quickly responds to it and repairs failures, also improves the organization and efficiency of other employees working in the company.

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