Spring is a framework for creating web applications using Java. It was created in 2002 as open source software. It provides a lot of basic Java functionality, but packages of advanced functionality already require the JavaEE platform. Also, it allows you to solve common problems encountered by Java EE developers.


The framework facilitates the management of the logic layer and provides functional components that are modular, which easily allows them to be reused in different places in the project. It is a kind of support for the work of developers who rely on good practices for developing applications based on user interfaces, and additionally enforces the use of high coding standards, which makes the code very readable and of high quality.

Kodowanie interfejsu, Spring

Spring supports quick execution of unit tests of the finished application, which saves developers a lot of time. It contains interesting modules that are responsible for, among other things: working with data, deploying applications or working in the cloud, which promotes the creation of highly functional applications. Websites created in this framework can correctly open and run on the application server, in the cloud and on Java virtual machines (JVMs). The library also provides a high level of security, thanks to security procedures that can be easily configured, and supports numerous protocols and tools used in cyber security.

Spring makes it easy to deploy the entire application, a process that is accomplished through an application container in the form of files packaged into WAR or JAR. It also provides a simplified version of the framework, which is Spring Boot, which allows the application to be put into production almost immediately. A huge advantage of the framework is its versatility, as it allows you to build web, mobile and desktop applications and is compatible with many tools and devices. Due to its functionality, high quality code and simplicity, its online community is constantly growing. It is quick to learn as long as you have a good knowledge of the programming language, which is why Spring is a leading Java framework.

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