Nuxtjs is a framework with similar functionality to Nextjs for React. Nuxt.js facilitates server-side page rendering using Vue.js.

An important difference between Vue and Nuxt is page routing. Using a standard router in the Vue framework means reflecting all the pages of the application in the router.js file. Nuxt, on the other hand, only requires maintaining the appropriate folder and file structure in the /pages folder. On this basis, a router object is built internally.

nuxt js

Nuxt operation in practice

Layouts have also changed. In Vue, every page uses layouts/default.vue by default. If you need to use a layout other than the default, you can specify the appropriate name in the page file under the layout option. In Nuxt, on the other hand, all pages of the application use one of the created layouts. This makes it possible to isolate the file with rarely changing elements of the application when switching between sub-pages without having to reload the layout component until it changes to another one.

An important aspect of using Nuxt.js in a project is the ability to generate a static version of the application. This results not only in improved SEO, but also in much faster page loading, and a server becomes unnecessary to host the site. This means you can use services such as GitHub Pages, for example.

Nuxt is recommended for users who appreciate very efficient SSR applications. It will also be appreciated by people for whom the issue of SEO is important.

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