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Wordpress is a platform for simply and quickly building websites and online stores. It is the most popular CMS, which undeniably dominates the website market. Its share in the global market is just over 30% (among CMS-based sites it is 60%), while in the Polish market it is 70%. Content Management System is primarily used to publish content on the site using an intuitive and simple panel without penetrating its code.

WordPress CMS

Wordpress and its enduring popularity

Wordpress was created in 2003 as a free blogging platform. However, its creators quickly saw the possibilities it offered, and today you can use it by creating elaborate websites and online stores. The platform is so simple and intuitive that it does not require programming knowledge to operate it, unlike other CMSs - Joomla and Drupal. Also, it is based on open (free ) source code, which significantly reduces the cost of putting up a site based on this CMS. Therefore, you do not need to create a site "from scratch" or dedicated, custom CMS - in many cases these solutions are much better, but they extend the time of work and require more money. The availability of many free themes, templates and plugins, makes it possible for the user to customize the appearance of the site, although the possibilities are significantly limited in the free version. Much more flexibility is provided by paid themes and plugins, which, with proper management and knowledge, allow you to achieve really satisfying results in terms of visual and functional aspects.


Wordpress as an open source system is constantly updated and any bugs that appear in it are fixed almost immediately. This increases the level of its security, while proper protection of the platform and regular updates of all themes and extras effectively minimize attacks by hackers.

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