Netlify is another solution that allows building fast and flexible static sites that are more demanding to manage than dynamic sites. It is an open source system that allows developers to manage content using remote repositories such as GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket APIs. Also, it controls the workflow of version numbering and content publishing from the repository, and allows multi-channel publishing of the site itself. It supports JSON, YAML , Markdown and TOML files of sites created with static page generators such as: Next.js, Gatsby, Jekyll, Hexo or Hugo. The single-page application based on React is located in a folder in the source files, the location of which in turn depends on the selected page generator.

Netlify is perfect for managing serverless services for static websites, offering an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface. It allows content editing and publishing to be done by drop and down, and all changes are visible in real time. The platform also allows the creation of additional fields for specifying content types. Additionally, it is very flexible in working to create custom plugins and widgets, as well as unique, personalized preview windows.


Netlify is based on open code, so filling the gaps related to the creation of static pages is done by involving the entire community of developers, who have the opportunity to expand its functionality and therefore increase its flexibility.

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