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Laravel is a framework for applications developed in PHP released in 2011 by Taylor Otwell, who modeled it on the Symphony framework. It uses the popular MCV (Model-View-Controller) architecture based on dividing an entire web application into its business logic, its views and a controller that implements changes to both of the above layers in response to user requests. The parts of this architecture, while interconnected, are also independent of each other, so they allow changes to be made quickly and seamlessly without interfering with other layers of the project.

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Laravel - speed and intuitiveness

Laravel allows you to quickly set up an authentication and authorization system, which promotes user security. It includes typical functionalities for login, registration or password reset. It has its own system of dedicated Blade Template Engine templates. This system is simple and intuitive to use and allows you to combine several templates into a single resulting one, and then generates them as views. This PHP library supports applications stored in the Amazon S3 cloud and offers quick switching between serverless and local hosting.

Laravel has tools to automate the code of many functions, which automatically perform complex operations by typing a short command. What's more, the framework uses Query Builder, which means it doesn't require the use of SQL to perform even the most complex database operations. A plus value is also the Eloquent function, which knocks down intuitive database operations, speeding up the process of working with them. The framework has a lot of functionality that automates and supports processes related to testing and finding bugs in the code. A huge advantage of Laravel is its simplicity and intuitiveness of use. It has a clear structure and keeps an eye on the correct application of code according to quality standards. Also, for those starting to work with it, extensive documentation is available, where new functionalities are made available with each update.

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