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Mailchimp is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies involving mass mailing to customers. Email is still the most effective way to build lasting relationships with customers in a direct way. This marketing tool was developed by the American company of the same name in 2001, as an online platform that allows you to send emails to a non-accidental recipient in an automated and professional manner. In the free version, it allows sending out 1,000 emails to 2,000 addresses, which is extremely convenient for small businesses and start-ups. In the paid business version, it offers a range of marketing tools that allow you to create entire email campaigns that, when conducted effectively, build loyalty and brand awareness with customers.

Mailchimp, wysyłanie maili

Mailchimp - effective email marketing

Above all, Mailchimp does not allow interruptions in communication between the company and the customer. This allows it to increase conversions and increase sales, as well as to gather customer feedback, making it possible to offer products as customized as possible. By creating personal messages, it creates and reinforces the interest of customers belonging to the target group, which consequently leads to preconceived actions, i.e. the purchase of given products or services. What's more, it's an all-in-on marketing platform, which means it's able to reach customers through various communication channels: search engine advertising, via social media or landing page, as well as through more traditional means such as a paper postcard.


Mailchimp is a modern tool that includes a number of easy yet powerful functionalities that are reliable for brand promotion. It is easy to use, provides ready-made templates and allows you to monitor the progress of the campaign yourself. Among its undoubted advantages are:

  • the ability to differentiate target audiences based on certain characteristics, allowing you to divide customers into new, regular and incoming from specific communication channels;
  • hundreds of integrations with tools and applications, among others: WooCommerce, WordPress Facebook Canva, Drupal, Gmail, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Jira, Joomla, Magento, PayPal, PrestaShop, Slack, SalesForce, Shopify and many others...;
  • full automation of many regularly performed activities, e.g. sending greetings to newly gained customers;
  • a range of free, easy-to-use templates and an interface that allows you to build messages via drag and drop;
  • functionality tailored to the needs of businesses in Plan Free, Plan Essential, Plan Standard and Plan Premium packages, the business versions of which have a huge impact on faster business growth and improved sales.


Mailchimp is an excellent direct marketing tool, and its effectiveness in delivering emails, i.e. the rate at which they are read by customers, is as high as 95%.

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