Vercel is a platform for hosting web applications. It allows you to quickly and easily deploy front-end applications, such as websites and applications based on React, Angular or Vue. It also offers built-in tools for optimizing and managing applications, and integration with popular source code management tools such as GitHub and GitLab. Using Vercel allows developers to focus on developing applications rather than managing the hosting infrastructure.

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What does Vercel offer?

Unlike many other application hosting platforms, Vercel is focused solely on hosting front-end applications. This means you don't have to worry about setting up a server or managing a database. It automatically processes and optimizes your application for performance and loading speed, and allows you to easily scale for reliability when traffic is heavy. So you can focus on creating great applications while Vercel takes care of the rest.
It also offers many additional tools and features to help you manage and optimize your applications. For example, integration with GitHub and GitLab allows you to automatically deploy your app after each code change, greatly speeding up the development and testing process. Vercel also provides integration with popular performance monitoring tools such as New Relic and Sentry, allowing you to easily detect and troubleshoot problems with your application. All of this makes it a great solution for developers who want to focus on developing applications without worrying about hosting and managing infrastructure.
Vercel is also extremely user-friendly for beginner developers. It provides simple and intuitive tools for deploying applications, so even those without much experience can quickly learn how to host their applications. It also offers extensive documentation and technical support to help troubleshoot potential problems and provide assistance when needed. All of this makes Vercel a great platform to start the adventure of hosting web applications.

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