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AWS Lambda is a computing service released by the largest serverless service provider, Amazon Web Services, in 2014. It allows for free management of modern applications available on all devices without the need for server configuration and time-consuming administrative work.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda - a computing service for modern web applications

The main advantage of using this computing service is undeniably its simplicity of use and automation of many tasks. It allows you to execute application code without any settings for computing power parameters. AWS Lambda independently and automatically scales the application based on its specific requirements. What's more, resources are triggered by its code when certain events are triggered, while when these events are disabled the service does not use them. This means significant savings when building the application, as you only pay for the resources actually used.




A controllable management model and multi-level task automation makes Amazon's compute service extremely flexible for developers using Java, Node.js, C#, Fish or Python. AWS Lambda does not require constant control of processors and disks or IP address configuration, and independently triggers pre-planned data transfer activities between specific data stores. That's why more and more IT companies from around the world are starting to take advantage of its benefits.

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