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Bootstrap is one of the most popular open source css libraries supporting front-end developers. Using a number of predefined classes and mixins, it allows you to quickly work and style your application.

Bootstrap has become most prevalent for Wordpress applications. If you ever see two similar websites using the Wordpress engine there is a good chance they will be using Bootstrap.


Advantages and disadvantages of Bootstrap

The advantage of Bootstrap is definitely its popularity, and access to developers experienced in styling with it. Something that, however, has been its advantage over time has also become a disadvantage. User interfaces created with Bootstrap are very similar to each other. With the passage of time, a lot of replacements have been created, which are also simple to use, but provide an element of uniqueness, which is what users expect. In addition, other modern solutions also give the ability to customize the appearance and change some of its parameters. Bootstrap's operation is typically templated with less adaptability to changes.


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Ready-made components in Bootstrap

Bootstrap has a number of built-in classes that, when added to the "class" tag, change the appearance of the component. An example use would be to add a badge class, which will have an effect like the following image in the form of a rounded container in which you can type any text.


Advanced use of Bootstrap

Bootstrap also has its counterpart for ReactJs. It simplifies the syntax and instead of using a class we import the ready-made components we are interested in, such as.

import Button from 'react-bootstrap/Button';


Moreover, it gives you the ability to change the appearance of components by overwriting certain css classes. What is difficult to do without using React is passing props to individual components. Adding a state such as "show" to the Alert component makes the component no longer static, and starts to be dynamic and responsive to user behavior.

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