Contentful is a latest development technology belonging to Headless CMS solutions. It allows developers to use APIs to manage and integrate different types of content on different devices and platforms. It gives great freedom when building content infrastructure and control in managing it. The technology has a microservice structure, so that in case of errors and failures it does not interfere with the entire application, but only the part it is responsible for. Moreover, it is compatible with other state-of-the-art technologies and allows you to integrate various API services.


Contentful - freedom and independence

Contentful's main advantage is its independence - it allows you to publish content regardless of the presentation layer, including multilingual content using a powerful text editor. Thanks to its modular design, it allows independent structuring of content based on specific types of data, dividing it into documents, images or audio and video files.

Contentful, układ strony

Additionally, its interface was designed with both experienced and non-technical users in mind. This means in many cases the ability to publish any content without interfering with the code. Above all, the tool frees developers from the need to build content infrastructure practically from scratch, which saves a lot of time and significantly speeds up the work of developing applications.

Contentful is a widely collaborative solution. By localizing the infrastructure in one place, it allows multiple developers, as well as designers or editors, to work simultaneously. What's more, it uses lightning-fast CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), which enables extremely fast and smooth serving of content even in remote locations and under heavy traffic.

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