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Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an extremely powerful service that offers storage. This product is owned by Amazon and allows quick access to and management of stored data through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It provides high scalability and security, as well as nearly unlimited space. It is dedicated both for stand-alone use and with other Amazon services. It can also be connected to third-party services.

Amazon S3, przechowywanie danych

Amazon S3 - a wealth of possibilities

The service provides its customers with the highest quality infrastructure that Amazon itself uses. Using Amazon S3 frees you from building and configuring your own infrastructure, which translates into immediate use. In practice, the space provided does not have limits on stored data. However, this limit applies to individual objects, the maximum size of which is 5 TB. The structure works on the basis of buckets, i.e. folders for data and objects - data files, as well as keys identifying these objects in buckets. What's more, the infrastructure allows you to select the geographic region where the data is stored, which has a significant impact on the speed or delay of data transfer. Moreover, Amazon S3 allows extremely easy access and guarantees the longevity and security of all data on it, effectively eliminating the threat of hacker attacks or data interruptions. It provides automatic backup and restoration of lost files, archiving and restore after a failure. Data retrieval itself depends on permissions, which are granted to specific users using shared storage. By working with AWS Lambda, it is also possible to automate some processes without installing additional software. Companies using Amazon S3 services do not have to think about how much space they will need as more and more data is collected. In addition, the service charges only for the actual storage space used, avoiding unexpected financial burdens.

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