Figma is one of the most modern (along with AdobeXD) and popular tools for designing and prototyping websites and mobile applications. It allows you to create interactive views, as opposed to the static mockups designed just a few years ago in Adobe Photoshop. It has a very simplified interface and is very functional. Figma contains only the necessary packages and tools most commonly used in a Web Designer's work, which contributes to the relative light weight of the entire program. Its main advantage is the speed of operation despite having a dozen or so views open at the same time. In addition, with Figma you can easily edit any vector files including SVG, which significantly speeds up the work on the project.

Figma UX

These advantages allowed Figma to conquer the app design and protoyping market very quickly. By mid-2021, the company was valued at more than $10 billion, making its way from a small start-up to the first choice for UX Designers. Our team also uses Figma in most of its implementations.

Figma program do prototypowania

Figma - online collaboration

What sets Figma apart in the market is that it is browser-based - it is always online. This means that even in the absence of network connection, working on open documents is possible. Thanks to such a solution, the program allows multiple team members to collaborate simultaneously, which additionally takes place in real time. Moreover, the tool itself enforces automatic online saving of projects. All this gives you the ability to control the design work of modern websites, web and mobile apps. With such solutions, Figma enables easy and synchronized collaboration not only with the entire team of Web Designers and Content Managers, but also with the client. Links with current views are generated automatically, so that both parties have an overview of the current status of the project, and changes can be made "live". Working in Figma, you can see in real time the activities of the rest of the team.

The application provides installation capabilities on macOS and Windows devices. This way, some of Figma's functionality is available offline. A phone version is available for Android and iOS.

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