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Java is a multi-level, general-purpose programming language developed in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Since then, it has been widely used in many websites and web applications, and its popularity is not declining. It is a class-based object-oriented language used by backend developers, compiled to machine (byte) code. Java is used by some of the world's biggest brands such as Amazon, Gmail, Netflix, Open Office and LinkedIn. Due to its popularity, the language has lived to see many ready-made solutions in the form of libraries such as: Struts, Hibernate, Spring or JSF.

Java, programowanie backendu

Java - the universality and timelessness of the most powerful programming language

Java is an extremely universal language. This means that you only need to write a project once using its syntax to make it work on Linux, Windows or macOS without any problems. This is due to the WORA ( Write Once Run Anywhere) feature, which provides compiled byte code, which makes projects independent of the platform they use and there are no hardware requirements, which translates into low costs associated with the use of this language. Therefore, it is the language that is considered the most powerful language ever created by programmers.

Java, above all, is much simpler to learn and use than other very popular languages like C and C++. Because it's an object-oriented language, it shows a lot of flexibility, thanks to the ability to reuse code in different parts of a project, which also affects the speed of sites built on it. It is also a high-level language, which means that it provides a syntax similar to that used by humans on a daily basis. Although its syntax itself is a bit more complex than that of other programming languages, this is what makes it easier to understand.

Java has a built-in automatic memory clearing mechanism. When an object does not refer to anything and is simply unused, it is immediately deleted. It is also a multithreaded language, which means that it can handle multiple threads (processes) at the same time, which will increase its performance as it makes maximum use of CPU power. It is also a distributed language. So, it allows efficient sharing of programs and data on more than one device.

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