Java Script is a scripting programming language that is the most common choice for developers especially from the front-end because of its relatively low entry threshold. It was created in the mid-1990s and develops the capabilities of HTML to make website elements more impressive and eye-catching during user interaction. To this day, it is still one of the most common languages used to validate forms, handle events or create functionality for navigation elements on a site.

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Java Script - an essential programming language

Java Script is an essential tool for many programmers, as it is the most important client-side (browser) language and is used to manipulate the DOM tree. This makes it much easier to work on projects. As a scripting language, and therefore interpreted, it does not need to be compiled into machine code, so its effects can be seen live in the browser. Java Script helps greatly relieve the burden on the server by limiting the data sent between it and the browser. This means that it is the server that no longer needs to retrieve the data entered by the user, check it and send it back again. All this makes it extremely popular and is constantly being developed, so that it offers newer and newer capabilities and solutions.


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Java Script Frameworks

Javascript in its older syntax is difficult to learn. Most browsers do not support working with code written in modern Javascript, so basically all modern frameworks, as well as its modern syntax, are converted to the old syntax. Tools such as Babel serve this purpose. Therefore, you can be strongly surprised when opening the source code of a Javascript file from any website.

The most popular Javascript frameworks are React, Vue and AngularJs. They speed up the work with code written in Javascript, and also give you tools to manage the state of your application. In addition, they are supported by a wide ecosystem of libraries from the npm repository.

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How to start programming in JavaScript?

Many companies are looking for programmers who specialize in specific JavaScript frameworks, which translates into the number of job advertisements. However, beginner programmers embarking on a career in IT are advised, also to learn the basis of JS and then work with specific frameworks or libraries. JavaScript is supported by a huge community of developers, and there are countless aids on the web to start learning this technology.

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