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Fastifiy is an increasingly popular Node.js library that was created by Matteo Collina and David Mark Clements and published on October 17, 2016. Modeled after Hapi.js and Express, it is designed to provide the best user experience - it runs fast, focuses on minimizing server load and helps reduce the cost of the entire infrastructure built on it.


Fastiny - the efficient and fastest Node.js framework

Fastifiy is not yet as widely used in the IT industry as other Node. js libraries such as Express, Hapi.js, Nest.js or Koa.js, but it is already considered the fastest of them according to statistics and opinions of the programming community. It works best for developing web applications, but is nevertheless readily used to create JSON-based APIs. The JSON format automatically analyzes Fastifiy's functions, providing fast routing of data packets on the network. As a result, the framework works lightning fast and is very efficient, as it can handle as many as 30,000 requests per second, depending on the complexity of the project. Also, the library guarantees a system of automatic security and data validation. Another advantage of Fastifiy is that it is highly scalable, which makes the framework suitable for use in both small and highly complex projects. It also provides low cost overhead in the production process, which minimizes the cost of maintaining the entire infrastructure, and allows writing cleaner asynchronous code in controllers. In addition, it supports TypeScript, works with AWS Lambda or communicates with APIs via a GraphQL adapter. On the other hand, Fastifiy is not yet as popular as other libraries - it has not very extensive documentation and a small community, which, however, is always ready to help. Nevertheless, thanks to its numerous advantages, it is the framework that brands such as Microsoft, Hotstar and Future Foundry use.

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