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Google Cloud is a service offered by Google for storing data and providing server computing power through cloud technology. The service frees a company from installing additional software on its computer and many of the steps involved in managing such infrastructure. With its servers spread around the world, Google offers extremely secure distribution of company resources, minimizing the risk of delays in sending data and the occurrence of major failures.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud - a cloud-based solution for small and large businesses

Google, wanting to meet the expectations and needs of its customers, decided to provide them with a number of extremely useful tools and services that allow them to easily, securely and efficiently manage the IT infrastructure of any company from one place, namely Google Cloud. The main advantage of such a solution is that all data in the cloud can be used by all employees of the company who are authorized to do so from anywhere in the world. In addition, it allows testing and maximum customization of these services to meet individual company needs and expectations. Not only does it offer services that are ideal for any industry, but it also has a number of specialized services that are focused on specific areas of their business, such as for: developers, healthcare and life sciences, IoT, data scientists, media and gaming, business analytics, AI and machine learning, and many others.


Are you looking for a contractor working with Google Cloud ?
  1. Cloud Storage - allows you to save all sorts of files, just like Google Drive, but has more storage capacity, as it is aimed at companies.
  2. Cloud Computing - allows you to create and manage virtual machines on Google.
  3. Cloud SQL - offers all relational database services for MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  4. Big Query - which are data warehouses similar to Big Data that allow for quick insights and analysis of data.
  5. Dataflow - tools to monitor and analyze streaming and batch flow of data.
  6. Google Cloud IoT - which are services related to the management and development of the Internet of Things (IoT), or smart devices that can communicate with each other over a network no matter where they are.

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