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One could really write a lot about artificial intelligence, but in this article I will try to discuss two issues, what artificial intelligence is and what applications it has.

AI,artificial intelligence

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is nothing more than the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. That is, it involves programming a machine to mimic human behavior, this is done using extensive data. As early as 1637, philosopher and scientist Rene Descartes predicted that one day machines would be able to make decisions and act intelligently. The first breakthrough of artificial intelligence was Alan Turing, who decoded the Enigma code. Turing claimed that machines, like humans, would be able to draw logical conclusions to solve problems. Unfortunately, in those years it was difficult to work on artificial technology because the computers of the time had significant limitations. With advances in technology, computing power has expanded and work on artificial intelligence has been increased. In 1997, a computer program called Deep Blue defeated the world champion. Another victory of a machine over a human came in 2016, when the AlphaGo program defeated the 18-time world champion in the game GO. It is worth mentioning here that in chess the number of combinations is 10 to the power of 120, while GO has a much larger board and the number of combinations is 10 to the power of 761.


Application of artificial intelligence

The application of artificial intelligence is huge as is its progress. Artificial intelligence is being applied more and more in manufacturing and industry. We don't have to look so far for applications of artificial intelligence, just look at autonomous cars, where artificial intelligence performs brilliantly, or cleaning robots. We can also find artificial intelligence in our smartphones, or in Google's search engine. Certainly, artificial intelligence is an interesting topic and it will certainly be an interesting topic of conversation in the coming years.

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