Expo.io is a universal open source environment for developing cross-platform React applications. It has a variety of services that help build, implement and test React Native apps using JavaScript for Android and iOS operating systems. Speeds up the workflow with ready-made built-in tools that promote automation and testing. Includes graphical user interface components standard for native React Native components. Allows you to track application changes in real time using the simulator or on the device it is connected to. What's more, you can write an application in it without using native code, as Expo.io takes care of its adaptation to React Native standards.

Expo.io, komponenty graficzne interfejsu użytkownika

Expo.io - wireless application testing

This modern platform has a convenient tool called Expo client, which launches the project in the browser by installing it in Google Play and Apple Store. This allows you to open the preview to all collaborators, plus it does not compile the code at the time, which in turn makes testing the product much faster. It has an interesting feature called Over the Air, which allows the code to be updated wirelessly, so any user can view the state of the application after changes are made. What's more, Expo.io's servers make it possible to develop iOS apps even for those developers who don't work on macOS. It improves the testing process because it automatically compiles the code without having to restart the application after each change. It is a relatively young technology for creating innovative mobile applications, but with a number of improvements it has managed to gain a bunch of loyal users, so it can keep growing. It has a relatively low entry threshold, so beginner developers, as long as they are familiar with JS and React, should easily learn to use it and its tools. Although the Expo.io community is still relatively small, it is growing steadily and is helping to solve problems and create new features.

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