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Mockup is a phrase used in the context of web development usually means a prototype of an application or layout. Mockups are prepared to better visualize the final appearance of the product at the development stage. Already at the beginning you can plan many aspects of the project, which will have a impact on the final quality of the product during programming. A well-prepared mockup greatly improves the work for developers creating the front-end layer.


Low-fi mockup

Product design often begins with the creation of a low-fi mockup, which illustrates the layout of individual elements and transitions between views. By creating a draft version of the design, even very serious changes in views and concept changes can be made. In the case of the final version of the mockup, such activities would take much more time.

mockup lowfi

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Hifi mockup

On the grounds of basic low-fi mockups, a high-level prototype (hi-fi mockup) is created, which shows the final version of the site and is used by developers to make the front-end layer of the application. The final version of the prototype should also contain basic animations and screen transitions. Nowadays, the most popular applications used to create interactive mockups are Figma and AdobeXD.

hifi mockup

Creating a mock-up and a detail order specification are often the first steps that start an IT project. Without it, implementation can go less smoothly and involve higher costs. Certainly a mockup is necessary for developers to code the front-end layer. 

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