Django is a framework written in Python open-source language that allows you to create both simple and fast web applications and very complex solutions supporting hundreds of thousands of users. Django can be described as a very mature solution with few bugs. The main criticism directed at Django is the lack of ability to create fully asynchronous solutions. Version 3.0 already gives the ability to add async views, but still underneath it is not a fully asynchronous solution.

Django has a very broad community that has already written almost everything needed for web development. Plugins and libraries give you the possibility to use solutions like Websocket or Graphql, as well as databases like NoSQL.

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Django Python - clear project structure

Django has become extremely popular thanks to its excellent documentation and low entry threshold. What's more, it is extremely complete and has a well-thought-out admin panel that allows code to be broken down into templates, views, forms and models that are readable by both developers and graphic designers. It uses a shared-nothing structure that ensures high scalability and performance. The framework also allows for additional user permissions, allowing new content to be published to a project where it can be modified directly. Another advantage of Django is support for applications developed in multiple languages and such a page structure that is perfectly suited for Google search engine positioning.

Django gives you a very good ORM, for creating queries to SQL-type databases and for running and managing migrations. In addition, we get the ability to create so-called templates in html, where we refer directly to the data taken from the database.

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Django how to get started?

Django Python has a large community of developers supporting the technology. A beginner Django Developer will find countless studies, tutorials and examples related to this framework. You can look for information and help with creating projects in Django Python not only on GitHub or StackOverflow. The framework also has a dedicated forum, developer groups on social media and communities on industry portals.

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