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PWA is a name well known to those in the IT and programming industry, most often used in the context of mobile apps. However, not all "ordinary" Internet users are aware of what a Progressive Web App is and very often confuse it with a standard phone app. This is quite a big mistake, because PWA and mobile apps are two different technologies that differ in terms of functionality and the way they work, although they may seemingly be very similar.


PWA provides access to offline applications

Apps running on the Web overwhelmingly need an Internet connection to display their content. In the case of mobile apps, running natively on a given device, it looks a little different and some functionality also works without internet access.

PWA Aplikacja

When it comes to PWA we have some combination of both technologies. Progressive Web App is not very different from standard web apps, but to some extent it imitates the operation of a native mobile app, so some users may not even know they are using a PWA.


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Differences between a PWA and a mobile app

The first and primary difference is that a PWA is still a website/app running in a web browser, rather than natively on the user's device. The installation of the two technologies is also different - the Progressive Web App does not download from Google Play or the App Store, but downloads the desktop icon directly from the website. In this case, the PWA is somewhat browser-independent and works at least partially offline. In a PWA you won't find, either, some of the animations or features reserved for mobile apps.

An example of a Progressive Web App could be, for example, the popular music service Spotify. PWA is gaining popularity all the time, so we should assume that soon more services will work in this format.

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